Connect, Consult, Prescribe
Medical Specialists from the U.S. and China cooperate to diagnose your medical condition and recommend a personalized treatment plan.
MORE Health has built a user-friendly Global Co-Diagnosis System, which strengthens the connections between U.S. experts, Chinese doctors and patients.
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Contracted Doctors
MORE Health contracts with physicians from renowned medical institutes, to provide comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation plans, and other high quality medical services.
Robert Warren
Director of Oncology Program
Robert Knowlton
Director of Epilepsy Program
Emily Bergsland
Gastrointestinal Cancer Specialist
Pierre Theodore
Thoracic Oncology Specialist
About MORE Health

MORE Health was registered in Silicon Valley, California in 2013. Here, in the world’s premier information technology and healthcare technology center, MORE Health has created an original international medical network service system, and provides instant and accurate diagnosis and treatment proposals for patients from around the world.

MORE Health truly understands the culture, the concerns, and the particular medical needs of people from China. We strive to harness international medical resources for our clients at a reasonable price.

Message from Dr. Warren

Dr. Robert Warren joined University of California, San Francisco, Medical Center in 1988, as a specialist in gastrointestinal and liver cancer. He is a Professor of Surgery at UCSF Medical School, and the Oncology Program Director at UCSF Medical Center.

Dr. Warren introduced the vast medical resources at UCSF Medical Center, which is one of the nation’s top ten most authoritative and advanced hospitals. He also explains the reasons he chose to collaborate with MORE Health, Inc., regarding the intention to improve global health and care for cancer patients.